Carlsberg Croatia d.o.o.

The coordinates of the location of the facility should be expressed in longitude and latitude coordinates giving a precision of the order of at least +/- 500 meters and referring to the geographical centre of the site of the facility.
Mutter Firmenname: 
Name of the parent company, i.e. the company that owns or controls the company operating the facility. Required unless confidentiality is claimed.
Carlsberg Croatia d.o.o.
Carlsberg Croatia d.o.o.
48000 Koprivnica
Verbringungen von Abfällen: 
AbfallartAbfallbehandlungMengeBestimmungsverfahrenMethod TypeVerwendete Methode BezeichnungVertraulich Indikator
Identifies the type of waste (non-hazardous, hazardous within country and hazardous outside country)
Gefährlichen Abfällen innerhalb des Landes
Identifies the waste treatment operation (recovery or disposal). Required unless confidentiality is claimed.
zur Beseitigung
Quantity [t/year]. Required unless confidentiality is claimed
52.30 t/year
Identifies the type of method used (CEN/ISO, ETS, etc.). Notice that the method type “WEIGH” (i.e. weighing) only is allowed for waste transfer.
A short designation or description of the method used. Required for some method types as indicated in the list of legal method type codes.