Pogon za privremeno skladištenje i obradu EE otpada

The coordinates of the location of the facility should be expressed in longitude and latitude coordinates giving a precision of the order of at least +/- 500 meters and referring to the geographical centre of the site of the facility.
Mutter Firmenname: 
Name of the parent company, i.e. the company that owns or controls the company operating the facility. Required unless confidentiality is claimed.
Spectra - Media d.o.o. za privatnu zaštitu, proizodnju, trgovinu i usluge
Pogon za privremeno skladištenje i obradu EE otpada
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Verbringungen von Abfällen: 
AbfallartAbfallbehandlungMengeBestimmungsverfahrenMethod TypeVerwendete Methode BezeichnungVertraulich Indikator
Identifies the type of waste (non-hazardous, hazardous within country and hazardous outside country)
Nicht gefährlichen Abfällen
Identifies the waste treatment operation (recovery or disposal). Required unless confidentiality is claimed.
zur Verwertung
Quantity [t/year]. Required unless confidentiality is claimed
2390.00 t/year
Identifies the type of method used (CEN/ISO, ETS, etc.). Notice that the method type “WEIGH” (i.e. weighing) only is allowed for waste transfer.
A short designation or description of the method used. Required for some method types as indicated in the list of legal method type codes.