Hazardous waste within country destined for recovery per sector and year

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  • data sources (EPRTR Report 2014 & 2015),
  • caculation method (sum per activity => facilities can have multiple activities: a facility can be counted more than once in the graph,
  • explanation of the result, in regards of the national context
Data table
1. Energy sector33.2690.20780.67691.98931.842412.78859.51100.62
2. Production or processing of metals1490.27400.751121.073167.002455.064442.412557.003287.77
3. Mineral industry175.5756.35592.96109.42312.62228.12135.90332.97
4. Chemical Industry434.86269.4063.07260.29281.07527.28463.40345.93
5. Waste and wastewater management135.62783.10101.60271.21987.464798.892150.931380.42
6. Paper and wood12.1267.1017.6819.7634.2438.9614.4719.02
7. Intensive livestock production and aquaculture18.747.7625.4310.606.5323.4315.2923.49
8. Animal and vegetable products from the food and beverage sector152.84160.9590.46354.09207.22135.26185.74314.16
9. Other activities73.36209.0974.71453.30703.89808.101593.571785.15
Waste transfer