Ciglana Cerje Tužno

The coordinates of the location of the facility should be expressed in longitude and latitude coordinates giving a precision of the order of at least +/- 500 meters and referring to the geographical centre of the site of the facility.
National ID: 
The national Identification of the facility.
Report year: 
Reference year of the report file

Main Economic Activity:

Product Name: 
The product/product group.
keramički šuplji blokovi s vertikalnim šupljinama
Product Quantity: 
The total volume.
Total Employee Quantity: 
The number of employees.
Operation Hours: 
The number of operating hours in reporting year.
7000 hours
River Basin District: 
Danube river basin [HRC]
Parent company name: 
Name of the parent company, i.e. the company that owns or controls the company operating the facility. Required unless confidentiality is claimed.
Ciglana Cerje Tužno d.o.o.
Ciglana Cerje Tužno
Cerje Nebojse
42243 Maruševec
Competent Authority Party: 
Pollutant Release: 
PollutantMediumMethod BasisMethod Used TypeMethod Used DesignationTotal QuantityAccidental QuantityConfidential Indicator
Identifies the environmental medium (air, water, land).
Identifies the type of method used (CEN/ISO, ETS, etc.). Notice that the method type “WEIGH” (i.e. weighing) only is allowed for waste transfer.
Other measurement/calculation methodology
A short designation or description of the method used. Required for some method types as indicated in the list of legal method type codes.
Total quantity including accidental quantity [kg/year]. Values below threshold are considered voluntary and will not be published.
4270 kg/year
Accidental quantity [kg/year].
0 kg/year
Waste Transfer: 
Pollutant Transfer: